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My First Camera

My dog Zip won a dog contest back in 1968.  Shown is the trophy he received sitting next to him in the family driveway. He won “Best Groomed” in the Ken-L Ration Dog Contest that was held outside in the Krogers parking lot in Mt. Washington Ohio. In addition to the trophy, he won a Kodak camera of which I took this picture with. I was very proud of my dog! And I loved that camera!

I guess you might say that my dog got me started in the photo business!

Here in the family back yard I took this picture of my toy water rocket set of which I had fun shooting the rocket skyward by first filling it up with water.  Shown closest to the camera is the pump station where I hand pumped up the water pressure to fire the rocket. Attached to the station is a plastic hose that connects to the rocket launching pad.

Shown is the family house. We moved from Mt. Washington to Loveland Ohio. Parked in the driveway is the family station wagon. A Red 1963 Chevrolet.

I don’t have the camera anymore but here is a replica of it. It was a Kodak Hawkeye Flashfun II camera. It took 127 roll film and used flash bulbs. Took a long time to find this picture on the internet. Kodak made this camera from 1965 to 1969. Today its worth approximately $15.00 on ebay!

Never thought I’d end up being a photographer! But I heard something once that I now truly believe: You don’t find your career, Your career finds you!



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